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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the cost of a render/infographic?

The price varies according to the complexity and type of the project, as well as the extension of the project and the precision of the environment required by the client. It will also depend on the quality requested (conceptual or photorealistic image).

In order to make an accurate quotation, it is necessary to have as much information as possible, detailing the number of exterior/interior images/rendered videos/ 360° photo.

• What information do I need to send to get a quotation?

All relevant information regarding the project, plans (.DWG) with measurements, photos of the environment or terrain, topographic plan if necessary, 3D models or sketches, etc. The requested deadline could influence on the final quotation.

• What do you need to start working?

• Project plans (floor plans, cuts and views)
• Materials and textures to be used
• Location of the project, environment photos
• Camera position or focus
• Time of day, sunlight, etc.
• If available, 3D model (worked in group, with differentiated materials and good quality components).

• What are the estimated delivery times?

  • It will depend on the amount of production required for each job. The estimated time for a conventional job is 4 to 5 working days.If special deadlines are required, please ask us in advance.

• Where are you located?

  • From Argentina to the world. Our head office is located in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, however, we have done all kinds of work for countries as diverse as Canada, France, England, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

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